About Pompstation

At Pompstation you come for wining and dining while enjoying high quality live music. Every Friday and Saturday we offer live music, as background music during your Tue. Mostly Jazzy & Soulful, sometimes singer / songwriter, tango or Bossa Nova, from established artists to emerging bands.

Under the guidance of our Chef Karijn Molema we offer our culinary concept of a gastronomical 3,4 or 5 course menu. We will offer choices from our evergreen steak dishes, seafood and vegetarian seasonal dishes.

With this in mind, we are excited to focus on local and ethically sourced ingredients that showcase the season and what the Nethterlands has to offer.

Dutch meat from dairy cows

At Pompstation we offer high-quality meat that comes from the Dutch dairy cow. The taste is full, grassy and soft. Our supplier selects the best cows after their milk production has ended, with only 10% of the cows achieving the quality with their highly marbled meat. This is a real example of sustainable cattle farming, where the meat is a by-product of the milk industry.

Dry aged

At Pompstation we hang our meat in a 'dry age' cabinet, where the humidity, temperature and air circulation are monitored. Here the moisture of the meat is carefully removed (up to about 20%) so that the meat becomes more tender and has a slightly nutty taste. The meat stays in our 'dry age' cabinet for 14 days, after which we have the feeling that it has the best taste and texture. This is also how famous New York steakhouses prepare their beef, such as Peter Lugar in Brooklyn or BLT in the Meat Packing District.

Sustainable fish

At Pompstation we only work with sustainable fish and seafood. Our fish comes mainly from Europe and we consciously choose to serve seasonal seafood. All our fish and seafood come from healthy fish stocks and fish farms.