Over de kaart

At Pompstation you can Wine & Dine whilst enjoying quality live music. Every thursday, friday, saturday and sunday we offer live music, as background music during your di. Mostly Jazzy & Soulful, sometimes singer/songwriter, tango or Bossa Nova, from established artists to upcoming bands.  


At Pompstation we are proud and passionate about our sustainable products. Our classic menu is a mix of French, International and Steakhouse with a sustainable twist. We prefer quality over quantity.

Dutch Meat from milking cows

At Pompstation we offer high quality meat that comes from the humble Dutch milking cow. The taste is full bodied, grassy and tender. Our supplier selects the best cows after their milk production life is over, with only ten percent of the cows making the grade with their highly marbled meat. This is a true example of sustainable beef farming, with the meat being a by-product of the milking industry. Low food miles and an excellent spread of marbled fat. 

Dry aged

At Pompstation we hang our meat in a 'dry age' chamber, where the humidity, temperature and air circulation are controlled and monitored. Here the moisture from the meat is gently pulled out (until about 20%) such that the meat becomes more tender and develops a slightly nutty taste. It stays 14 days in our dry aged chamber, after that we feel it has the best flavour and texture. This is also how the famous steakhouses in New York prepare their beef, such as Peter Lugar in Brooklyn or BLT in the Meat Packing District. 

Sustainable fish

At Pompstation we solely work with sustainable fish and seafood. Our fish mainly originates from Europe and we conciously choose to serve seasonal seafood. All our fish and seafood comes from healthy fish stock and fish farms.